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Community Supported Agriculture

Get a weekly box of delicious organic vegetables
Know your farmer, know your food.

Participating in this CSA is such a wonderful experience! The produce is superb and above all healthy!! - Teresa C.

Feed Your Family  Your weekly box of veggies with our customized newsletters will get your family fed the RIGHT way - made easy! From the earth to your bellies.
Be Healthy  Like Mama always said, eating your veggies is great for your health. We always share easy and healthy recipes to give you new inspiration for simple and delicious plant-based meals.
Know Your Farmer Get all Maryland grown, organic vegetables from community members you trust. No reading labels, no wondering how many trucks its been on. Simply safe, trusted and REAL food.

Great variety and quantity of veggies and herbs. I wanted seasonal food that gave more variety than just the store and I got it. I really love the emails containing recipes using things from the week's share, plus it gives you time to plan meals before pick up. - Ciara S.