Community Supported Agriculture

Get a weekly box of delicious local vegetables for home delivery, pick up at a site or on the farm! PLUS members get access to seasonal add-ons including gourmet mushrooms, fruit, honey, bulk veggies, eggs & sourdough bread!

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Ready to Join Our Farm-ily?

 "I just love opening the boxes every week and seeing what is in there. Feels like such a treat, like gift boxes." -CSA member Alison T.

Why Join Our CSA?

Feed Your Family  Your weekly box of veggies with our customized newsletters will get your family fed the RIGHT way - made easy! From the earth to your bellies.
Be Healthy  Eating veggies - especially local and seasonal ones - is great for your health. We always share easy and healthy recipes to give you new inspiration for simple and delicious plant-based meals.
Know Your Farmer Get all Maryland grown vegetables from community members you trust. No reading labels, no wondering how many trucks its been on. Simply safe, trusted and REAL food.

Join Our Community Share recipes, get advice on what to cook and how! Join our online and in person communities! 

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Get the BEST produce in the Mid-Atlantic!

“I am so very thrilled to have found this incredible woman-run CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) just down the road from my parents, which includes add-ons like mushrooms, grains, honey, and fruit. Local farmers are banding together in support of each other and our communities. Find out who is growing food in your community! As industrial food supply chains crumble, THESE are the folks who will be feeding us.” Caroline Elizabeth R.

Know Your Farmer! Eat Your Veggies!
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