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Beyond the Root Roast: 5 New Ways to Use Root Veggies

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Whether it’s carrots, turnips or beets we love root vegetables here on the farm. One of the most popular ways to enjoy these beauties is to roast them in the oven. It’s a simple preparation that creates great flavors and textures.

However, sticking with the “same old” can have your tastebuds practically rolling their eyes.

So, how else can you enjoy your root veggies? We put together our top five picks and outlined them below (along with some helpful tips).


Carrots, beets and parsnips are prime candidates for a yummy slaw. It’s as simple as shredding washed veggies with a food processor or cheese

grater and tossing them with your favorite dressing! Add in some tart green apple or cabbage for extra flavor and color. Slaw keeps well in the fridge for several days (in a covered container), and the flavors will continue to meld and develop.


All root vegetables are a boon for soups and stews. We particularly love making pureed soups like carrot ginger (try this recipe here!) and “loaded baked potato” (like this one here!) The easiest way to puree soups is with an immersion blender once the veggies have been cooked until they are nice and soft.

Pro-tip: peeling the skins will make it easier to puree (and makes for an even smoother texture).


This straight-forward preparation is popular in French cuisine, and a great addition to any cook’s repertoire. Turnips, carrots and parsnips turn out beautifully when glazed. The process is easy. Peel and cut the roots into small planks and place in one layer in a medium-sized sauté pan. Add a pat of butter (or a tablespoon of oil), a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of sugar. Then add filtered water to just cover the vegetables. Bring the pan to a simmer and cook until all of the water evaporates and the vegetables are tender (about 15 minutes). If needed, simply add more water for additional cooking time. The end result is perfectly steamed morsels covered in a simple and delicious glaze!

Recipes to try: Honey Glazed Carrots; Brown Sugar Glazed Parsnips


Whether you call them latkes, fritters or hashbrowns there’s no denying how delicious it is to fry up shredded potatoes. Branch out from the norm by substituting some of the potato with a starchy root like parsnips or celeriac for a whole new taste experience! Recipes to try: Root veggie fritters


The old standby of creamy mashed potatoes is a time-tested favorite. For something equally yummy we like to switch things up by boiling our favorite root vegetables and mashing those instead! Try a mix of carrots and turnips or rutabaga for a sweet and savory side dish. Mashed celery root is another way to go, and adds interest to the table with its mild celery flavor.

Do you have any other fun ways to enjoy root veg?! Hop onto our Facebook group and share a recipe with us - we'd love to hear from you!

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