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Love. They must do it for love. They love to live where they work and to work where they live. -Wendell Berry

Farmer Emma

Hi, I'm Emma Jagoz, the founding farmer at Moon Valley Farm.  On the farm, I manage the CSA, field production, fix broken things and am the crazy plant lady.  I started the farm to grow healthy vegetables and find myself the proudest when showing our tiniest CSA members how to pull a carrot or radish out of the soil.  Growing, sharing, and learning about food alongside our community members fuels the work that I do.


I started the farm with hand tools on a very small scale, while caring for my kids who were just 1 and 2 years old our first season.  Now one of my FAVORITE farm activities is driving the tractors knowing that I'm able to provide safe, healthy, organic food for so many more families.

I find more reasons to love farming every day - but primarily I get joy from seeing CSA members and Chefs make beautiful and creative dishes out of the veggies I grew.  

Farmer Jason

Hi, I’m Jason James. I got my first exposure to farming at my grandparents’ side in the foothills of Culpeper County Virginia. They taught me to love the land and a garden overflowing with abundance.  I love sharing my passion for heirloom garden varieties - especially Southern favorites like black eyed peas with our many CSA members and Chefs who keep a garden themselves. 


I developed my passion for gardening because I love cooking and sharing food with others.  You'll sometimes find me nerding out with foodies about different ingredients and how to prepare them. 

In my kitchen, you'll find lots of homemade ferments like hot sauce, kimchi, and wine, homemade dried spices and peppers, and one often surprising thing - a bin of red wiggler worms who eat my food waste!