About Moon Valley Farm

We started as a community-based farm and remain that way.  We love growing food for our Mid-Atlantic community through our CSA program.  Watching CSA member babies grow into strong children, then young adults is our favorite joy. 

We love growing for phenomenal Chefs who appreciate the flavor-packed, nutrient dense and unique vegetables and herbs we provide. When a Chef uses an ingredient in a totally new and unique way, we feel humbled to be their farmer. 

Moon Valley Farm got its name from stories that Emma's dad wrote when Emma and her 3 siblings were very young, called Moon Valley Stories.  Moon Valley was a land in which every inhabitant possessed a "gift."  Emma's gift was the ability to communicate with plants and animals, and she was referred to as "The Plant and Animal Girl".  Though at the time of writing Emma was only 3 years old, yet her affinity for plants and animals was clear then and has only grown deeper over the years.  

Our mission is to provide healthy, nutritious, delicious, beautiful and affordable & organic food for our Mid-Atlantic community.  We are proud to responsibly steward land in Frederick County, Maryland, and carefully manage our acres knowing our farm is in such an important environmental region surrounding the largest estuary in the US: the Chesapeake Bay. 

We want to help our neighbors eat healthier, safer, and local food that they are proud to raise their families on.  We want our vegetables and herbs to WOW guests at their neighborhood restaurant which sources sustainably. We want to be a part of a new food system that honors our beautiful region, improves our soils, our biodiversity, and our Chesapeake Bay.

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